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About SeaDragon:SeaDragon is New Zealand's only producer of high-quality,internationally-certified Omega-3 oils, upcycled frombyproducts of fish caught in the clean, pure waters of NewZealand, the South Pacific, other certified-sustainablesources and from plant-based marine microalgae.We supply nutraceutical, infant formula and functional foodmanufacturers worldwide with exceptionally high-qualityOmega-3 DHA, the world's best brain food.Why DHA is the world's best brain food:Omega-3 DHA is a crucial building block of lifelong brainand eye health. Humans cannot produce DHA, so it mustbe consumed in our diet. Unfortunately, most modern dietsare lacking in this vital nutrient.Omega-3's are the sixth most researched medicalingredient in the world, with over 40,000 published studies.Numerous studies show DHA is critical in infants' brain andeye development, promoting healthy, normal functionduring adult life and guarding against premature cognitiveand macular decline.Emerging evidence shows strong interest in the anti-inflammatoryproperties of DHA and DHA's positive effecton respiratory function.World-Leading Oil Blending Specialists:SeaDragon's flexible production configuration and technicalexcellence give superior capability to blend and deodorizea range of oil and oil-soluble ingredients maintainingoutstanding organoleptic and stability characteristics in thefinished product.We create tailored solutions for customers requiringcustom oil blends for infant formula and other advancednutrition applications.SeaDragon Oils:We proudly refine SeaDragon Omega-3 oils toworld-class standards. Our refined oils have a neutralflavour and odour, 24-month shelf life, and areavailable in various pack formats.All SeaDragon oils are made with care in ourmodern facility, located in Nelson, New Zealand andaccredited to the global standard for infant nutritionproduction, FSSC22000.DHA-mega40 Algal Oil:SeaDragon DHA-mega40 Algal oil is a pure, plant-basedsource of DHA. The crude algal oil is fermented using anenclosed tank system that provides consistently higherquality oil, free from environmental contaminants, and doesnot use solvents in the production process. These are majorquality advantages when compared to more common algaeproduction systems.O3-mega35 Tuna Oil:SeaDragon O3-mega35 Tuna oil is refined by SeaDragonutilising byproducts from certified sustainable tuna fisheries.The highest fish-derived source of DHA, tuna, is the globalstandard for infant nutrition products.O3-mega20 NZ Hoki Oil:SeaDragon O3-mega20 NZ Hoki oil is an exclusiveproduct to SeaDragon with a unique 2:1 DHA to EPA ratio.New Zealand Hoki is considered the most sustainablecommercial fishery globally, and Nelson is the home portfor most of the NZ Hoki fleet. Meaning you simply cannotget a fresher, more sustainable source of Omega-3 fromfish.
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